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Welcome to Nokia PC Suite

Nokia PC Suite — the free director for cell phones of the Nokia organization, expected for altering and synchronization with the PC of practically all information that are accessible in the cell phone.

Nokia PC Suite vital colleague

With this program, Nokia PC Suite you can alter the telephone directory, transfer to telephone pictures, music, recordings, Java-applications and an assortment of projects. Furthermore, you can interface with the Internet utilizing your telephone. That is you can utilize the telephone as the most standard modem (if this capacity is bolstered by telephone). That this you have to sort out just a link or balanced remote associations.

Other than this with Nokia PC Suite, you can see the sight and sound message, locate the most recent updates for your cell phone or download and transfer music to the telephone well known gateway OVI.

Also, the program has a capacity to make a reinforcement of your cell phone, and afterward it saved money on the PC. Acquiring a duplicate can be downloaded not just on the telephone with some it was made, however on an alternate other.

The program interface is instinctive, even an amateur. In this way, the entirety of the elements of the program in the primary window as “Tiles”. Furthermore, when you drift the mouse pointer over the symbol to any program you can peruse what it implied and how to Use it.

downloadDownload Nokia PC Suite …

featuresAll of the highlights Nokia PC Suite …

Nokia Ovi Suite – a free arrangement of apparatuses with which you can have full access and control to your cell phone. As of now referenced, this item is an immediate replacement of the program Nokia PC Suite.

By methods for Nokia Ovi Suite you can alter and synchronize with your PC or the Ovi administration for all intents and purposes all data which is put away on your telephone. It is additionally conceivable to stack/download music, to refresh ON the cell phone, to make a trade of photographs and videoclips, to do save copyings of information, to stack free cards on telephone, and so on.

In the event that you have something that isn’t sufficiently enormous or you simply sick of the program Nokia PC Suite, we strongly suggest that you evacuate it with the assistance of exceptionally intended for this application – Nokia PC Suite Cleaner.

Nokia PC Suite screen capture 1 Nokia PC Suite screen capture 2 Nokia PC Suite screen capture 3

Nokia PC Suite offers you a few helpful application which will permit you to deal with your versatile by utilizing your PC.

Nokia PC Suite nokia is a product bundle used to build up an interface between Nokia cell phones and PCs that run the Microsoft Windows working framework. Its first discharge was in 1997 nokia pc suite, initially called Nokia Data Suite. It was supplanted by the Nokia Suite and incorporated into the Ovi administration suite.

It is possible that you have one of those new full included Nokia Mobile telephones, for example, N95, N93,… or on the other hand other Nokia cell phone, Nokia PC Suite will be extremely helpful on the off chance that you need to associate and deal with your portable from your PC.

Send SMS, duplicate pictures, synchronize contacts, introduce subjects and games, set foundations and significantly more is the thing that you’ll have the option to perform by utilizing Nokia PC Suite, which is the official program offered by Nokia.

It’s considerably more happy with dealing with the portable from your PC than straightforwardly on the telephone. Remove the most from your versatile gratitude to this free and simple to-utilize suite.


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